About Us

Get to Know Our Story

Who Are We?

A team of young and energetic professional people with Digital, Technical & Marketing knowledge dedicated to provide free support to non-technical people who don’t have the knowledge or experience to initiate or figure out any solutions online.

Our Inspiration?

Being a technical person, we have to provide lots of technical help on daily basis to our parents, friends, neighbours, colleagues, etc and day by day they are totally depending on us whenever there is an issue. They are our inspiration and this inspiration led us to create a platform where they can ask anything related to Digital Knowledge, technical Issues, Online shopping support, or learn how things are done through videos.

What We Do?

As a support platform we want to provide all help they can get so that they don’t have to depend on anyone else. Considering that, we are providing support mainly in 4 different ways.

  • Digital Knowledge – A place where people need to understand what’s happening on the digital world from very basic level
  • Technical Support – A place to ask and find solution through support forum where anyone can ask help related to Electronics, Software, Social Media, SEO, SEM, etc.
  • Online Shopping Support – Get the best products available online at the best quality on a cheaper price with offers
  • Video Blogs – If you fail to find solutions through text, we have videos which will teach you exactly how it’s done.
  • Digital Marketing – Help you build your Business Digital Presence, generate brand awareness & boost your sales.